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Thread: Setting up a home workshop - any tips?

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    I use Berger Jet Dry paving paint on my shed floor. 7x6 came to about 300bux. I reckon I'll need to repaint the high traffic areas about every 2-3 years. So that's the entrance area in the main doorway through the centre to about 2/3rds in. and another strip from the side door to the end of the bench. Total area of about 10 square metres. probably cost about 50 bux to do that. Can do a lot of that for what the "proper" stuff would've cost me.

    Simply do not need heavy duty epoxy coatings under benches, cabinets, shelf units, so why bother?

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    There is plenty of s/h pallet racking on gumtree Brisbane at reasonable prices.

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    Two issues with pallet racking, firstly it is too deep to make efficient shelves, secondly it will have flat rails whilst proper longspan shelving rails have a step for the shelving material (MDF/Ply/whatever) to sit down into and stop it sliding around.

    You can dismantle the pallet racking uprights, cut the components down, redrill them and reassemble them narrower, but why would you bother...

    I did my first shed floor with a cheap single pack paving paint (I think it was white knight, but will be pretty comparable to the berger jet dry) and it was a huge improvement over bare concrete, however for not much more effort and only slightly more cost you can step up to a proper epoxy flooring like the PPG EXT I mentioned, it's just a whole heap tougher and resistant to pretty much everything.

    Do it once, do it right.

    On the subject of acoustic insulation, be aware you can get acoustic glasswool which is about 5 times the density of regular 'thermal' batts. My plan for my walls is acoustic batts and then two sheets of 10mm gyprock with 'green goo' acoustic adhesive between them.

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