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Thread: iTech120 Lithium battery

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    There are two reasons to use a DC to DC charger to charge lithiums from a vehicle, one is to get the voltage correct, personally I won't charge my lithium to anything higher than 14.2 and the bigger reason is to prevent alternator meltdown.
    As you probably know a lead acid battery's internal resistance rises as it approaches "full", from about 75-80% state of charge it rises quite steeply which in turn limits the amount of charge amps it can accept and which the alternator supplies.
    Lithiums have a very low internal resistance and will accept whatever the charging source can supply so in the event the alternator is rated at 100 amps then the lithium battery will accept that until full.
    Most alternators cannot handle running at full output for any length of time without internal temperature rising which in turn limits the output current if it is fitted with thermal protection or if not can sometimes lead to total alternator failure.
    Many 240v chargers also suffer the same problem when used to charge lithiums especially larger capacity banks.

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    Lithium Vs Lead Acid >> Marsen

    well that ^^^ has convinced me,,
    not sure I'll implement it in this van though...
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    The sales blurb for the lithium battery linked in OP indicates it has a built-in BMS of some sort, enabling it to be directly replacing an AGM unlike a typical lithium battery by itself.

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    Hi Scott, just about all lithiums these days, come with their own builtin BMS.

    It is the quality of the BMS that can make a difference as to what battery is better than another.

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