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Thread: FYRLYT Driving light review

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barraman View Post
    My only complain is that they are so bright and penetrate so far, that when you dim them itís like plunging into the black hole of Calcutta.
    Agree, and I only have the 5000, approaching cars would drop early and than flash asking me to drop which than puts us both on low beam for what seems like ages.

    when I had them set to pencil at times depending on the road I was in I used to drop the driving lights first than high beam some time later when the approaching car got closer.....meant I had more light for longer.

    I now have both set to spread, this projects far enough for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramblingboy42 View Post
    Well Storm Camper. Looks like it's your turn to show us ......don't tell us.....your setup and compare it with photos against say Tombies setup.

    He has put up here many times and has thousands of posts here as well.

    I think we are all interested.
    Doubt you'll see it - he signed up and made 5 posts including one here we are discussing the same day then hasn't logged on since. A pity really as some of his other posts re electrics were quite insightful so I am guessing he has experience in these areas, but would like further clarification on what he means.

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    I now have both set to spread, this projects far enough for me.

    Yes, I run my 9000s on spread!

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