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Thread: Lab Test of Air Filters

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    Lab Test of Air Filters

    I know some people have very fixed ideas about K&N filters, but all I have is mild curiosity about a test I have seen comparing different air filters.

    It is often easy to create a laboratory test that looks impressive, but may bear no relationship to the real world. I suspect that an air filter test could be skewed by using particles that were far too large or too small or by using an air flow rate unlike that produced by any engine.

    This test looks convincing, but I wonder if it is realistic. Because he talks so quickly, it is easy to miss his theory at 14:20 about why the K&N appears to score fairly well on the large particle continuous flow test.

    I am not trying to start another argument about K&N. There have been enough of them already. I don't care whether they work or not. I am just interested to know if people think this is a legitimate test.
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    He certainly talks quickly!

    We need IsuzuRover's input!
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