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Thread: Car Compasses. Do they work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Homestar View Post
    IMO, easier in this day and age to have your phone in an approved holder with google maps running on it if you need just a direction.
    The problem is that if you're using your Landy correctly you're probably out of mobile reception!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PWat View Post
    The problem is that if you're using your Landy correctly you're probably out of mobile reception!
    Doesn't matter - the GPS will still work and Google maps will show you what direction you're facing even when not on a marked road and have no signal - have done this plenty of times.

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    AFAIR I tried 2 in my81RRC in Saudi.
    One was a radio Shack one which was supposed to be compensated.
    It didn't work reliably.

    I carry an orienteering type compass which you can take back bearings from in my console. To use it I would walk about 10 metres from the car.( but I never do)

    Regards PhilipA

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    I love mapping/plotting /navigation , bring out a topographical map and I can be absorbed for hours.

    I have never gelled to the finger poking, pushing, pulling, sliding antics of gps/phone fact I dislike it.

    What is the tactile sensory thing with rubbing your finger over a plastic screen and talking to a computer generated voice?

    Nothing like stopping , having a **** , spread your map out on your bonnet , pick a blade of grass or a twig for a pointer and scanning the country with your eyes and referring back to your that's tactile and sensory.

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