I just bought 2 Anko 80Ah AGM deep cycle batteries from my local Kmart for $149 each.

This is the only review I could find, other than the reviews on Kmarts own website.

Kmart Anko 80AH AGM Review - YouTube

The 80Ah rating is the c20 rating and the weight per Ah seems to be about right, and the review was positive so I thought I'd given them a crack.

I have a dedicated space for batteries in the slide-on camper that previously had some 95Ah units I got from Battery Value back in 2011. I really didn't want to modify the space to accomodate longer batteries or upgrade the charging system to enable Lithium. These Kmart batteries were just a convenient and cheap option that would go in withoud mods. Plus I could pay with coles gift cards and get 7% off - so about $280 outlay all up.

Voltage out of the box was 12.94V for both. I guess we'll see how they go over the next few years.

Anyone else had any experience with these batteries?