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Thread: Test driving a Hyundai Genesis! Surprised at how excellent it is!

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    They certainly seem to be up there. They are very nice for a Hundi.
    However as with any other Hyundai what will be the depreciation be? Will you be saying how nice a car it is after 5 years? A BMW or Merc you will.
    Not saying don't buy one, for $50k maybe good value. As long as you know what you are getting into.
    However I remember a lot of this being said about the Sonata and Grandeur. Look at them now, worth scrap value only.
    Tell you what put $50k into the Hundi and send me the $50 you save to restore my Torana. :-)
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    I'm curious to know what the sales figures on them have been like. I haven't seen many about except VHA/B/C regos and I figure they'd suit chauffeur operators. I doubt they'll sway many S class/7 series/A6 drivers who mainly buy those types of cars for the brand.

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    Well, I wimped out, and took the 'safe route' of buying another Merc.

    For $50K, the (originally) $140K merc has done a huge portion of its depreciation.

    I know the dealer is going to gouge me for servicing, but the alternating service costs of $500 one year and then $800 the next year aren't too ridiculous. Except if you compare it to Hyundai's fixed priced servicing.

    I think it will be worth more in 5 years than a $60K Genesis, but we'll have to wait and see on that count....
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    How is it running?

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