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Thread: Allmakes fan failure

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    Guys it's normal for the fan to roar when first starting up. Every car fitted with a viscous fan hub does this. If it doesn't roar, that is the first sign that things aren't right.

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    I was told by a good independent land Rover specialist that the trouble is the likes of britpart get half a dozen different manufacturers to make a part, put all the parts in a bin and give them a common part number.

    Some of those parts are good, some not so much, but no way to know which you will get.

    It's a risk we will all be taking more often as land Rover stops supporting the older parts.

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    All makes fan

    Just recently fitted a new All makes fan only to face it explode and do the under bonnet damage that they can do.
    The viscous coupling is a genuine Landrover article, and the waterpump is an Aerotech of recent vintage.(no play in the bearing)
    Engine mountings are good, not soft or cracked.

    What can the problem be, other than defective fan.

    Problem is the bonnet has dents, the top tank of the radiator has the top hose connector smashed off, radiator shrouds totally destroyed, power steering hose pulled from bottle and fluid everywhere. As the vehicle was could not be driven, it meant a flat tray home.

    Easily exceeding $600 without bonnet repair or labour.


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    On the other side of the fence ..

    I had to remove my fan(D2 V8) the other day, and it seems someone had lock tighted it on, so no way to remove it(for access) to replace the power steering pump.
    I have a spare fan and viscous, so I tried to break the old fan off to get it to the same condition as the OP's photos show, so that I could remove the water pump to get the fan off to get access to replace the power steering pump!

    Anyhow, try as I may to snap the blades off by hand(or long bar and 5lb sledge!) .. no bloody way .. had to hack through each entire fan blade to about the last mm or so and then snap each blade off.
    They were bloody tough buggers to get off, each one had to be done individually. No idea on the fan make, but I'd guess genuine.

    +1 on barnacus's reply that they should roar like a cyclone for a few minutes from cold, then eventually quieten down to a loud hum.
    Once the coolant heats up to whatever 'operating temp' is supposed to be, they roar back into cyclone mode.

    '99 D1 300 Tdi Auto

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