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Thread: TD5 in a P38

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    M57 would be a better swap, get some parts from the UK and it would be a bolt in conversion.
    98 TDI AUTO SE DISCO - 3" toughdogs, koni's, M8000 and bar, 265 MT's and still adding !
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    Quote Originally Posted by loanrangie View Post
    M57 would be a better swap, get some parts from the UK and it would be a bolt in conversion.
    A m57 would be better but I already have a td5 and the p38 is a 4.0 so it will have a 4hp22 auto.
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    Quote Originally Posted by woko View Post
    I have a full disco 2 that has been written off. Swapping parts will not be a problem. I'm just unsure how to go about it with the bcu in the p38.
    This will be the headache.
    But.. I would look at swapping the entire lot.
    If you have RAVE for the P38 you can sort it.
    If I can put all that (D2 electrics and auto) into a 130 DC, fitting to the P38 is walk in the park.TD5 in a P38

    If you are going to have a go, feel free to give ma call.

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    G`day ,

    finallyrangie here fitted a 2.8 mechanical diesel a bigger tdi , its is the for sale section so he would have some of the P38a wiring sorted .

    Justin Cooper made a post at some time about fitting a TD5 to a P38A , he was given a P38aA so he may have some thoughts .

    There`s a Diesel P38A for sale at present in Vic it is factory with the 2.5 BMW , don`t know its full story but it`s looking for it`s sixth owner in 3 years , which sends out warning bells . That`s how long i`ve followed it .

    At $6000 if you don`t yet have a P38A it may warrant a look , if we hadn`t got a TD6 L322 it would be in our drive .
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    G`day again ,

    sorry i didn`t read your last properly .

    As you have both a D2 and P38 fitting the engine and doing the wiring will be the task .

    If it were me i`d only change the P38A the front of the transfer forward .

    I don`t think ill of the borg-warner .

    I don`t know if the 4HP22E is internally different between the petrol and diesel it may just be the ECUs but it would need a discovery ECU suited to the TD5 , i would think .

    The Factory BMW P38A diesel also uses the 4HP22E not the 24 and uses the borg-warner transfer so it`s not new ground .
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    Transmission ECU .

    UHC00160 or UHC000160 will work for D2 petrol and TD5 and same in a THOR P38A.

    Gems P38a use a different ECU for 4.0 and 4.6 as well as being different to the D2 and Thor .

    Gems ECU say on them which capacity .

    Thor don`t have a capacity on them .

    Gems have specific numbers , Thor have specific numbers ,

    The above numbed ECUs would still work with a Gems but are listed as D2 and Thor .

    Any will plug in
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    It's a 4.0 Thor atm. So auto ecu will be the same
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    Quote Originally Posted by woko View Post
    It's a 4.0 Thor atm. So auto ecu will be the same

    Had a look an the Russian Microcat and it doesn`t agree with the information from retailers that i used .

    The retailers say what i told you but the cat says not .

    The RR ECU will run the trans but the right one for the TD5 will be from a TD5 auto .

    The cat differentiates between petrol with TC and not but not for Diesel .
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    I'm sure others have the answers, or you need to cross the bridge as you come to it, but this is my own thought....

    If sticking with the orignal P38A borg warner transfer case:
    *Does the transfer case ECU need info/integration with any other ECU such as auto, engine.
    *If the transfer case ECU is stand alone then this will solve one hurdle.

    If using the P38A auto:
    *How much data does it want from the engine
    *But allows the auto shift assembly to remain unchanged for auto/transfer case shifting.
    *Is the bell housing bolt pattern the same on a P38A auto as a Disco 2 (TD5, v8 are the same)

    If using the D2 TD5 auto:
    "Will it integrate ok with the auto shift assembly.
    *As the TD5 auto mainshaft is longer on the transfer case end (as in the adaptor housing on the end is also longer to accommodate the longer mainshaft) will it push the TD5 engine forward into a better position or will it foul on the front diff assembly (assuming your keeping the borg warner transfer case in its original location)
    *Using the TD5 auto will mean using the TD5 auto ECU (between a TD5, V8 on a disco 2, the difference is only a signal wire on a different circuit)

    TD5 Engine:
    *Mounting engine using (new) TD5 engine mounts.
    *Disco 2 engine ECU, electrical harness and how much of it is going to give faults with items not connected to it, such as ABS (which again may well all "swap" over quite happily.

    Using all Disco 2 driveline (engine, auto transfer case, diff assembly), harness, computer, shift assembly:
    *Solves alot of "issues" with regards to above, so the main "issues" would be how different do the diff assemblies mount when compared to the P38A.
    *cutting down (or rather extending) front/rear prop shafts (as in there is something like 8" difference between a P38A wheelbase and that of a Disco 2.
    *Width i'd guess are about the same, but obviously put a tape measure on it and the chassis width.
    *how to either fit a disco 2 instrument binnacle and disco 2 abs OR if the P38A stuff can be integrated into the disco 2 harness
    *What do you do with the air suspension then

    thats all I can think of.... *shrugs*


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    The other bloke i should have though of is the one that did the customer car mentioned earlier .

    It`s an LSE classic with a TD5 which is mated to a transmission from a Jaguar , an electric one that he built for the task and he wired the EAS to work , he did this quite a few years back and it was done in Cairns and would have been sold from Toowoomba .

    He could probably tell you more on the wiring than most .

    The reason i can give you his contact here is because he started a business in Toowoomba .

    His name is Don , his user here is donrover0 .

    Business name is

    Rad Rover
    41 Ball St
    Drayton 4350.

    PLR or peter r elsewhere

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