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Thread: TD5 in a P38

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    can you reverse the sump? i had to do that on my ls1 d2 conversion.
    Quote Originally Posted by DazzaTD5 View Post
    Its a land Rover Defender... you need a real mechanic

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    maybe Eevo,, I think its a left -right pumpkin thing,, I think,,
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    Quote Originally Posted by prelude View Post
    Not sure why you did not get the diesels but I always wondered why people shoehorned the wildy differing diesel engines in cars...

    Personally if I were to ever go this route I would choose a 80's mercedes benz engine, something like the OM617 (with turbo, still onderpowered but one of the most indestructible engines I know) or the om606. Both can be tuned up quite a bit reliably if need be.

    Having said that: diesel is for trucks and gas (lpg) is for cooking I'll stick to petrol for the time beeing.

    Why a Benz? The things came with the BMW M51 I6 engine from the factory. Much easier to fit one of them, I would have thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DazzaTD5 View Post
    .so then use a Disco 2 auto and LT230 transfer case.... and wow, you have a good vehicle again...

    ohh... but then there is that non UV stable interior plastic to replace...
    Nothing wrong with the P38A gearbox and transfer case. Besides, the P38A has the diffs on the opposite side to the Disco so your propshafts would not align.

    The plastics on my P38A were still good after 20 years, at least 13 of those it was never garaged.
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    I know the Beamers are much easier to fit, especially since they came as standard but I do not get the same warm feeling of confidence on those units. The merc engines really do a million miles without a rebuild...

    slightly ot: Speaking of BMW, did you know there were defenders with straight six BMW engines?

    The BMW M2's Top Engineer Has this Amazing 'Red Mamba' Land Rover Defender

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    OMG is there no end to the bizarre ideas i have seen lately???😮😮

    Just buy a d2, OR a p38a, or better still an L322...

    Talk about self inflicted injury!!!

    The Isuzu 110. Solid and as dependable as a rock, coming soon with auto box😊
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    Quote Originally Posted by justinc View Post
    OMG is there no end to the bizarre ideas i have seen lately???TD5 in a P38TD5 in a P38

    Just buy a d2, OR a p38a, or better still an L322...

    Talk about self inflicted injury!!!

    Took the words right out of my mouth.
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