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Thread: auto box warmup time

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    well, if the V8 is not supposed to do that, I did not know since it has always done that in my P38

    I can only asume that since I live in a colder climate I would notice it, since in a warm climate the engine temp would be up so fast that you would hardly ever notice?

    Anyway, I checked the oil level and it's, bar a few mm, bang on. I replaced the oil, filter, gaskets, etc. only 10k ago so that should be good. What I have noticed is that sometimes the box "hunts" from 4th to 3rd when I get of the accelerator at around 50-70kph. Also, when braking and crossing the 60kph threshold the box shifts down from 4th to 3rd and this is not very smooth at times. I can hear and feel the entire drive train "clunk" when that happens. At first I thought I had a bad u-joint or something but when I checked underneath the car yesterday all is well.

    So, does anything like this spell abnormal or can I just write this one down as expected behaviour?


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    If it's a GEMS check the throttle cable adjustment as per RAVE

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    Quote Originally Posted by gavinwibrow View Post
    Yes, but that is the v8. The TD5 will never lock up in 4th below about 80 kmph on standard tyres etc, and as below, that is not until engine? temp gets to the right point and gives the electronics the all clear.
    Funny how the two are so different in this respect, but I understand it is to do with still getting good torque from the smaller TD5 at lower speeds.
    You're right, it is quite amazing how the two are different!

    My post is relating to P38's only as well. TD5's and V8 D2's I haven't had much to do with.


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