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Thread: V8 Timeline

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    V8 Timeline

    Released in 94 with 3.9 gems engine?
    4L thor in '99?
    was there a 4.6 prior to thor?

    the wiki doesnt say much about the gems engines,,
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    All P38 V8 engines are 4 bolt mains and coil pack ignition, the 3947cc engine got renamed the 4.0 with the upgrade. The 3.9 moniker refers to the standard bottom end and distributor engine in the D1 and RRC series. The difference between the GEMS and THOR engine blocks is trivial, mainly to do with the crank angle sensor. The 4552cc "4.6" was introduced in 1994 with the first P38. Some 3.9 RRC's were produced after the 4.0/4.6 P38 GEMS entered production, certainly plenty also in the D1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pedro_The_Swift View Post
    Released in 94 with 3.9 gems engine?
    4L thor in '99?
    was there a 4.6 prior to thor?

    the wiki doesnt say much about the gems engines,,

    Pre gems 3.9ltr has a distributor and 14cux Hot Wire .

    In American Classic Range Rover ran to 1995 or 6 all V8s 3.9ltr and 4.2ltr are 14cux Hot Wire which is same here other than the 4.2ltr .

    In America Discovery 1 , 3.9ltr until 1994 used a distributor ( hot Wire ) same as here after 1994 GEMS is used in the Discovery 1 .

    The debate about the 3.9 and 4.0 is mostly an American thing because of what is used in the Discovery 1 in America .

    In Australia all V8 3.9 Discovery 1 are 14cux hot wire so no debate , GEMS doesn`t belong in an Australian Discovery 1 (factory ) .

    At the same time 1994 the American Discovery 1 got Gems the P38a also 1994 came with Gems being 4.0ltr or 4.6ltr made no difference and up until 1999 the Gems was still used in the P38a with 4.0ltr or 4.6 ltr .

    1999 to 2002 P38 uses THOR 4.0ltr and 4.6ltr .

    Discovery 2 in America as here is THOR with the 4.0ltr in and in or around 2004 or 5 Discovery 2 could have a 4.6ltr .

    The American latest , 4.6ltr can come what what is called "after air " it pumps air on to the back of 4 of the 8 exhaust valve heads . In Australia the 1985 era of 3.5ltr V8 had what called " pulsair " ? which pumps air onto the back of all 8 exhaust valves .

    In Australia 1994 P38a release Gems 4.0/4.6ltr till 1999 .

    In Australia 1999 P38a THOR till 2002 4.0/4.6ltr end of Model .

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