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Thread: Overspeed warning

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    Overspeed warning

    Overspeed alarm problem. It will not turn off. I can set in 5kph increments up to 120kph and it works as set. However, when I try to turn it off either when driving or stationary I can select off but it keeps defaulting back to 120kph. Whilst most of the time this is not a problem with max speed limits of 110kph in Western Australia when overtaking it invariably chimes away with the overspeed warning much to the amusement of passengers.

    Has ayone else experienced this and found a solution??

    1996 p38a HSE
    2" lift, Gen3 bags, adjustable Off Road Boss shocks, adjustable panhard rod, adjustable sway bar disconnects, EAS bypass, Ashcroft ATB F&R, 255/55/18 Toyo Proxes ST for road & 265/75/16 Maxxis Big Horns for off road :)

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    I had this happen to me in May or June (irritating when it won't shut up)!!

    Be buggered if I can remember what I did to fix it... pretty sure it involved the nanocom. I'll think on it overnight!

    Ron had the answer from memory.


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