My EAS has been eating too much mexican food lately, it has developed a farting sound when it self levels, which does draw a few strange looks from people when I've parked in the main street.
How embarrasing!
I rebuilt the valve block about 12 months ago, and all seems to be working correctly, but the self levelling grunting noise has been a bit annoying.
After checking for fault codes and checking the system over, I could not find anything obviously wrong.
As an experiment, I replaced the EAS silencer and I'm glad to report, the strange noises have been replaced by the familiar quiet ticking sound of the EAS self levelling.
I'm guessing the old one was blocked (probably the original one) and stopping the air from escaping properly, causing a back pressure inside the valve block.
So if your EAS has been making some strange noises, might be time for replacement of the often overlooked silencer.
Hope that helps someone,
Cheers, Pete.