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Thread: Aluminium high capacity radiator

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    Quote Originally Posted by finallyrangie View Post
    Hello people,

    I recently started looking around for a full aluminium radiator, as anyone else who has looked will know, there's not a great deal of choice.

    Local radiator fabricator quoted $1460, bit rich for my blood, and the desert coolers have a great reputation for quality but with postage I was still quoted between $900 and $1000, which still seems a lot for a car that originally cost $3000.

    I kept looking and found an option from a company called Direnza, online reviews were mixed in the extreme, everything from "everything they make is rubbish " to "excellent product " so in the end I got in touch with them, in the UK, including postage, $427 to my door, so I decided to take a punt.

    Arrived on the day they said it would, postage had dented a couple of brackets (bit of negotiation got a $45 refund for the trouble and they did offer to have it collected and replaced at their cost ).I've been a metalworker for over 30 years so I gave it the once over when I unpacked. The welding wasn't the best I've ever seen, but it was far from being bad either, perfectly acceptable, it's a full aluminium fabrication with a twin core that is 55mm thick as opposed to the standard 42, there should be a picture of the two together for comparison.

    Fitting was easy, the side brackets are a bit random so I just bent them open a bit with a screw driver and pushed them back around the fixing points once it was in. Only one of the lower fixing points lined up with the hole, and they were tapped out to m6 rather than the standard m8, but otherwise a straight swap.

    Since it's been fitted we've had nothing but rain so I have no idea if it has reduced the operating temperature, but I will keep you posted.

    Anyone looking for a budget aluminium radiator for the P38 should give these a look if my experience is typical.

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    Is this radiator performing as well as you hoped?

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    I am very pleased to report that even with the temperatures we've been experiencing in south east Queensland this last week, there has been no issues at all with the cooling system, after a day sitting in the sun outside work the rangie is routinely over 45 degrees and the drive home sees the temp gauge sitting on the bottom of the normal range, I tried it once with the aircon switched off and it barely got to normal operating temperature, so I am very happy with the results so far, a cheap punt that worked out well. Whilst I'm sure the ozzie coolers are more efficient, and no question better quality, for the price I think this is a good option if you are not planning a crossing of the Simpson as part of your summer holidays, not saying the cheap option wouldn't cope fine, but peace of mind, you get what you pay for and the desert cooler is regarded by many as the best.

    I'm very happy with mine, but I'm not planning a trip around Oz, take from that what you will
    P38 Range Rover , the best car in the world, when it's working

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    Greetings from sunny Hong Kong. I have issues when I'm stuck in traffic for long periods (quite normal here) on tick-over with the A/C running. Yesterday I was stuck for over 30 mins and the temp started to go over mid-way on the gauge, and it was not much over 26 deg C outside. I get twitchy about it as I had to replace the engine due to cracked a cylinder some years ago. I re-chipped the ECU at the same time. I've read the thread and have a couple of questions: (1) Does the Aussie Dessert Cooler have a part number? (2) What type of coolant do you find works the most efficiently?

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