Hi there

I know bead lockers are not legal everywhere but I do have them on my car, the terrafirma wheels with lockers and I can not for the love of it get my tyres balanced. I have added 8oz of airsoft pallets in the wheels for balancing and I must say, that works like a charm! When you drive through mud some of it sticks to the wheel and the pallets balance that out when at speed, weird sensation in the wheels when they first need to settle but if it works, it ain't stupid!

Anyway, I recently jacked the car up with all fours of the ground and put it in drive and I can clearly see the tyres wobbel up and down which means that either they are produced slightly off centre, which does happen at times or, more likely, they are mounted just off centre on the bead lock. I have followed the (3 line) procedure that came with the wheels but still the tyre has slipped during mounting ever so slightly and I'm stuck with this bloody wobbling.

Does anyone know of a way to do this properly? I have heard of a mate of mine that there is a service nearby that offers turning of the complete wheels in a sort of lathe that actually removes a mm or so of rubber to make the wheels round, just with varying depths of tread. Not my first choice but if all else fails...