Last weekend I went wheeling through some tough terrain and I got really stuck in a deep mud pit. After some slow winching (hydraulic winch) I got out and I started to asses the damage. There is a nice dark line on the car showing where the water/mud went and it was quite clear that it went way past the door sills. The line runs from the bottom of the rear light, across the doors exactly at the door protection rubber strip to the front blinker.

No water entered the vehicle and when openening a door you can clearly see the level of the water/mud inside but the door rubbers did their job perfectly! I must have been in there for at least 15 minutes I reckon. At the rear since the car was at an angle I could see the level JUST level off at the bottom where to my surprise there is a gap in the tailgate seals! Had that been under water I would now have a swimmingpool in the back Who in their right mind thougth that was a good idea? I'm thinking of moving the entire rubber seal 180 degrees so that the gaps are at the top. Not sure if that works when it rains though so that is some food for though. Anyone with experience on this issue?

Anyway, back to the doors; they have small-ish drain holes for water that enters through the window rubbers to be drained away. Unfortunatly that also lets water in I was fairly lucky that the mud I drove in was pretty sticky so the holes plugged themselves after a while and I ended up with a lot of sloshing sounds when driving around. I removed the blockage and drained the doors and all seems well. When I get the time and the weather is right I'll inspect the inside. Anyway, the door seals work as they should it seems (not sure if they would still when going in even deeper) but water comes in through the door and then through the speaker holes etc. The easiest solution would be to tape those holes whenever I suspect that I might get into trouble but I was wondering if anyone has ever found a better solution?