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Thread: Dodging The P38A Overheating Bullet (I hope)

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    Update 2

    Still haven't been able to speak directly to wifey, but hubby brought car over yesterday. It had been driven for a few days, including a trip to Geelong and the coolant had been topped up as there was still a slight leak from the sender unit.
    I immediately checked the expansion tank, but nary a bubble could be found. I declared the motor healthy then and there. When the motor had cooled down I fitted a copper washer under the sensor unit and hubby has since advised that the leakage appears to have stopped.
    So what really happened?
    Hubby wondered if the stalled motor was caused by the recently fitted breathalyzer ignition immobilizer thingy. You know, the one you have to breath into to start the car. Apparently it is not unknown for them to falsely cut off the ignition. Perhaps the motor was starting to overheat and when the car was idling at the lights, the immobilizer falsely cut the ignition. Perhaps then wifey, trying to figure out what happened and wondering why the car wouldn't start (that would account for the clicking noise), noticed the climbing temperature gauge and wisely let the car cool down. Remember, it was a very hot day, 35 or so degrees from memory. It could be that the rising temperature gauge was only reflecting the temp of the stationary motor.
    I think the engine survived the massive loss of coolant because the cooling system was in perfect condition and the motor had been previously overhauled very well. Whoever the previous mechanics were, I suspect they were very good.
    So that's about it. I showed hubby how to do an oil and filter change and fit new pollen filters (they were missing!) and when they get back from their honeymoon I'll cover diffs and transmission etc.
    But, gee! I still reckon they dodged a bullet...
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    Thanks for the update, good to hear!
    Cheers, Pete.

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