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Thread: key code lockout.................issues!

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    key code lockout.................issues!

    Hey guys,

    I've been away and come home to an issue. With the big storms in Melbourne, a mate moved the P38 out of the shed and I have no idea if he key locked it or remote locked it. Now I'm back and the car is dead as a doornail. I've put a charge into it overnight and now at least have battery power but I cant get it to take the key lockout code.

    The car had a change of BCEM a few years back and I dont know if it]s now a 95 BCEM or a 96+ BCEM. Apparently the procedure to enter the code varies between models.

    If I open the door and then turn once to the left to lock the door, by rights the code entry can start. The first code entry is clockwise to the unlock position and there should be small beeps and sidelight flashes to indicate the code has been entered right. If I do this, by the time I'm at the second or third digit, then the beeps and sidelights start. I only seem to get one try before it goes into key locckout also.

    So it's being a right PITA, as I can't seem to get it to the point of code sequence initialisation. Any clues? And no, I have no nanocom or anything else for this one.

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    Before anything I would check that battery, that could be the cause for all your troubles.
    Maybe try another good battery, or at least get some jumper leads from a running vehicle and connect to yours and give that a crack.
    Sounds like a frustrating situation, hope you get it sorted!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterH View Post
    Before anything I would check that battery, that could be the cause for all your troubles.
    I agree with PeterH: an overnight charge did nothing to unlock mine a few weeks ago - tried emergency key code too - but a new battery made it happy.
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    Mongrel car!!

    Charged all day yesterday and also overnight to bring both batteries up to scratch. Went out this morning and ran the sequence with an initial single anti clockwise turn ot start the code install and it went through just fine.................BUT

    I did notice a bunch of things not written in my EKA clearance notes.

    The notes say that the side indicators blink once and the alarm horn beeps once every time you enter a key turn correctly. Wrong........actually NOTHING happens outside the car and no audible.

    Here's how it went.

    1. Unlock drivers door with key.
    2. Open drivers door.
    3. Close drivers door and lock it with the key, one turn anti clockwise. This will initiate the EKA code entry procedure.
    4. Enter code by turning the key and returning back to centre each time. If code starts with 2, then turn two times to the right, returning to centre each time. No lights will flash, no side markers will flash, and no alarm beeps go off.
    5. Enter next three digits of the EKA code. One - turn to the right. Two - turn to the left. Three - turn to the right. Four - turn to the left.
    6. When the code has been entered with the last number being to the left (anti clockwise) then simply turn the key once to the right in a normal key unlock movement. Let the key return to centre and in about 2 seconds the car will unlock all doors automatically. May not be instantly, give it a second or two.
    7. Insert ignition key and the engine will start.

    Next step is to reprogram the key fob buttons which probably still wont work.

    1. Insert key in the door and turn to the right (unlock) but this time hold the key hard to the right. At the same time whilst holding the key fully to the right, press the unlock button on the fob.

    2. Then do the same thing to the left (lock). Hold the key hard left and press the lock button on the fob. Return the key to centre and remove it. Now your key fob should work properly again.

    There is some discussion that post 96 models have a slightly different sequence. At my step 3, instead of turning the key once to the left to initiate the sequence, you need to turn it four times to the left, returning to centre each time, and then enter your EKA code.

    If in doubt, it doesn't hurt to try the single left turn first and then enter the EKA code. If this doesn't work for your car, then try the four lefts to start.

    Hope this helps. Worth printing off and keeping with the car. You never is a Range Rover after all!

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    or you culd see lee at Labtronics and get rid of the security crap !

    I had it done to mine ,,,, what a relief , no more ecm to becm chat and disagreement ,, just get in turn the key and start !
    No more lock outs no more wondering if the car was locked with the key or the fob ,,,, just drive !
    BEST MOD TO A P38 ,,,,,,,,


    BCEM / Key reprograming

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    I have had to use the EKA code a few times on my MY96 and have never done steps 1, 2 or 3; I just enter the code by turning the key as described

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