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Thread: Rosie to the rescue (again)

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    Rosie to the rescue (again)

    ***phone rings****
    "Errrm, any chance u could get a trailer and come get me?"
    The idiot boys Holden Colorado craped out again last Sunday. This time with the intercooler sucking all the oil from the engine and pushing it into the cooling system - or so im told. Either way oops!
    So, Rosie the red P38, comes to the rescue.
    After a towing and snatching afternoon to get it down the mountain then I get it onto a tandem trailer for a 2 hour tow home.
    The first 12klm on what im told was actually a "road", I'd call it a rough bush track, the poor trailer twisting and winding in and out of the holes and washouts at a crawl, we made it to bitumen. 80kph along the road home.
    Good ol' girl performed stirlingly, brakes smoking at one point but with a bit of care and planning my moves we safely made it home.
    A quick google search says the Colorado weighs 2200kg plus toolboxes and all the 4x4 must have goodies the young blokes must have, its gotta weigh over 3000kg. Add the trailer and its a fair load.
    Ok, she did have a sook the day after with an eas error but a quick reset and as a precaution i rebuilt the compressor (5 years old). And the boy had a whinge when he had to cough up for a trailer hire and a tank of fuel!
    I dont think thats bad for a 21 year old totaly unmodified vehicle. Good girl.
    Ohh, and Im blocking a certain phone number.

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    Go Rosie!!

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