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Thread: THOR high comp 4.6 camshaft

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    Quote Originally Posted by garrycol View Post
    Anyway the guy I spoke to is going to check with one of their client engine builders/tuners to see if they have issues and get back to me - but as usual the initial response is that we have never heard of this issue before.

    As expected the client engine builder has had no issues with the cam going into the RV8s. He reiterated that thye cam has to be dialled in - I indicated that I understand that but if the engine is other wise standard - standard crank/cam cogs, chain etc then what is there to dial in - it is either correct or not - anyway to do that I will have to pull the manifold and tin gasket off and that isn't going to happen anytime soon.

    As I am going from a 3.5 to a 4.6 I am not really going to know if there is any issues.

    Here is the cam information


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    I've seen a honda B16A dialed in,, took quite some time and if you are chasing the very last bit of HP is definately worth doing.
    not sure any of us here is in that boat, maybe discoclax?

    stuff explained here..
    One of the least understood topics and regarding engine tuning and building continues to be the concept of cam timing and
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    G`day ,

    non adjustable can be adjustable with help .

    The card will give std set but can be altered

    Advancing and retarding alters the revs of occurrence .

    A cam not set other than dot to dot can give the same differences but without degrees it`s not known .

    When you consider a cam the working revs for torque and HP are topics of note but the cam has to be set for them to have relevance

    If it`s not a personal concern it doesn`t matter i don`t see the point without .

    Most reasons for replacing a camshaft poor power poor torque poor economy etc can be achieved by not having a camshaft timed correctly .

    Cam timing - Adjustable sprockets and keys
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    Given all the voodo here and the fact I have a Tornado chip installed, I think if I need to replace my cam when I replace my lifters, then I will fgo for a standard cam

    Very interesting thread though

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