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Thread: Air Con evaporator replacement

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    Air Con evaporator replacement


    I now need to replace my evaporator

    According to the page on you need to remove the steering column !! I was wondering if this also applied to a RHD vehicle?

    I have had the heater box out and from what I remember it looked as if the rest of it could be removed at that stage.

    Asking the brains trust here for confirmation

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    Steering column out, yes. But its surprisingly easy & its only an extra 10min while doing a dash job because access is so good.
    I helped with one a year or so ago. We stripped down the usual dash bits/centre console, removed the column then removed the upper & lower dash frame mounts, tilted the whole assembly back onto the front seats & then you have the whole heater/A/C assy sitting ready to remove.

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