Hi all,

I seem to be unlucky in getting units that look nice and shiny but are close to giving up or I just can't drive for sh*t and break them all the time Since I am on my third second hand unit in a little over 2 years time I have had quite enough of that pesky thing. I checked ashcroft but they are out of stock of the VCU's, which I can imagine since everybody who orders one overseas does'nt bother sending the old unit back due to shipping costs and so they run out...

Seeing as I do not want to put stresses on the drive train that are not supposed to be there I decided to bite the bullit and rebuild one myself. There is ton's of info on the net of people with fleelanders, VW syncro's, honda wagovans, etc. doing it and I even found some russian guy doing a p38 one. Unfortunately all the info I can find is just... not... complete shall we say or at least it's a lot of guess work involved. I might even consider doing a write-up or video of the process in a language more people can understand -g-

Does anyone here have done something like this and have any insight?