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Thread: Money pit

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    Money pit

    Pulled up at a servo yesterday morning to fill the hungry beast, went to leave and had drop a cell in the battery. Mate happened to be filling up so an easy jump start and out to my mates tyre shop and put a new battery in. All good. Then went for a bit of a drive showing friends from Melbourne around our patch. Had a good day, travelled 415kms for the day. Jumped in the car this morning, flat tyre. On the gravel roads at some point yesterday I picked up a stone. The tyres were not quite down to the wear limits but decided a set of tyres was in order. So my mate is grinning with the dollars I am spending atm.

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    Half your luck mate!!

    Itll feel like new soon!

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    I seem to go through patches of fixing lots of things, then it will be great for a while.
    Some jobs can wait, others you have to get straight onto.
    I live in Melbourne, so I try and do what I can during the warmer months, not much fun crawling under your rangie in the middle of winter

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