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Thread: P38 manual conversion goes down (front) after a few hours

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    P38 manual conversion goes down (front) after a few hours

    Hi all,

    I need some assistance with my new acquisition 1995 Range Rover it has 3 manual pump up valves two for the front and 1 combined for the rear the front did work for a week or two now it drops down after 2 hours or so .The pump is disconnected the fuse is out and the relay is not in situ the 4 lights are on the height selector indicator all the time, the rear air bags are both ok at present with no problems. Thank you, hope someone can give me some help.

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    Gíday mate

    it sounds like a setup that someone has tinkered with to try and bypass an issue.

    The front dropping would indicate a leak (if all the fuses and relays are out). A spray with soapy water on the connections or springs will show you where they are.

    As for the rear springs being linked by the same pump up valve, itís my opinion that is dangerous as the air will shift to the place of least resistance when cornering and induce body roll. If youíre handy, it should take much to put another valve in and set the rear up like the front. Not only that, the car wonít sit level if one side has more load than the other.

    To the lights on the dash being lit up, that will be because of all the fuses and relays being removed.

    You have a lot of work ahead of you if you wish to get it all working automatically, but itís not impossible.

    Id be rebuilding the valve block with all new o-rings, etc, replacing the fuses and relays with new ones, and rebuilding the factory air compressor, then having a go, see what it does.

    After that itíll only be one of a few things that may not work:

    Driver unit - thatíll make it so funny things if itís buggered (like letting down just the front or back, then faulting)
    Compressor - if itís buggered itíll go out on over temp or something similar if itís near the end of its service life
    Tank pressure switch - pretty self explanatory
    Height sensor - I believe this will be the last port of call, they are very reliable units

    Do you have any diagnostic tools?


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