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Thread: P38 ZF Auto oil spec/brand

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    But wouldn't posters feel more confident if they use an ATF actually approved by ZF in preference to an ATF that an oil blender claims is OK for a ZF transmission.

    Call me old fashioned but that is what I think.
    Regards Philip A

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    So it is, I'm not sure why I was told this then.

    I found this interesting, and this maybe what you are after Phillip.
    The hp22/24 is listed in TE-ML 11.

    Lubricants and List of Lubricants - ZF Aftermarket

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    So for the HP22 and HP24 it says ...

    Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) according to lubricant classes 11A / 11B=> Refer to the following pages for approved commercial products


    Automatic Transmission Fluid

    (ATF) based on mineral base fluids according to former Dexron-II / Dexron-III specification by General Motors.

    => without listing

    So that says any mineral based DXIII fluid is OK

    Penrite has this page Product Recommendations | Penrite Oil

    They list straight DX111 and ATF MHP semi syn as the recommended fluids.

    So the message that the full syn is OK is not exactly in line with the recommendations from Penrite


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