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Thread: Sold! Dammit!!

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    Sold! Dammit!!

    Neighbours came over last night with a wad of cash, had seen the For Sale sign on the Limo.
    Happy to sell, but means I have to fix a couple of things I've been putting off. Little jobs like the blend motors , HEVAC screen, and an engine oil leak (imagine that!), and get a roadworthy.
    Definitely sad to see the old girl go, but the dough will be handy! Might ease the incidences of car-swapping a bit, too (when the car you need, is always at the wrong end of the lineup in the driveway)
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    Quote Originally Posted by donh54 View Post
    Little jobs like the blend motors ,
    Just done mine. enjoy.
    Ended up cutting that bloody duct in 2 places, repairing it with black gaffa tape.
    Instrument panel comes out easily.(disconnect the battery!)
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