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Thread: Electrical gremlins

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    Electrical gremlins

    The Limo definitely doesn't want to be sold!

    Hit it with some degreaser the other day, in prep for a RWC. Gearbox refused to select low range, just "bongs" constantly when you move the lever through the gate to low.
    Got underneath, and opened up the connectors I could see under the box, and at the selection motor and hit them with contact cleaner.
    Now there's an error message (Select Neutral) and the gear selection lights flash all the time. Car appears to be stuck in Sport mode, holding out through the gears (won't get 4th until 100 kph +)
    No errors on Nanocom (only had time for a quick look), but noticed voltage sitting around 13.1 to 13.3 in instrument mode. Got a good used alternator coming, as well as a replacement water pump that only started getting noisy when we decided to sell. Grrr!
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    Could it be that the lever selection switch is playing up? or at least something in that neighbourhood. Select neutral seems to suggest that the computer thinks you are not in neutral and trying to switch from high to low and vv. (this is theoretically possible since some P38's had a switch on the dash to manually select high or low. I think this was done on manual P38's.) Since the sport/manual button is also in the same area of the car, connected to the same loom iirc it could be a problem over there. As usual though, first try a decent power supply. If you have the stuff for it, you can just connect an external power source to your car, it'll work (say for instance a proper working vehicle running a bit higher then idle with jumper cables connected.) Or a decent power supply. Saves the trouble of having to swap alternators and what not just for testing purposes


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