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Thread: All pumped up - at the back

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    All pumped up - at the back

    Hi everyone, lately I've been parking the Rangie in the garage, front-in and on the eastern side. Usually I back it in, and park on the western side. (but we're using its usual spot to keep a small caravan at the moment)

    Maybe once a week, I'll go out to the garage and the rear of the beast will be up in the air, while the front is at the usual access height (as I always leave it).

    It's never done this on the other side of the garage, in the 18 months+ I've owned it.

    On the "new" side of the garage it is closer to the garage light switch, house, wifi etc - so I'm wondering if something is interfering with the height sensors in this parking spot?

    It's no big deal - once I put the key in, the rear drops down almost immediately.

    What do you reckon?
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    It sounds like air pressure is escaping into the rear springs overnight, my guess is a valve block issue of some type.
    It might just be coincidence it happened to do that when you parked in a different spot.
    The auto leveling feature will lower the vehicle, so I don't think it's that.
    In these colder months, the rubber o rings in the valve block will be more prone to contraction and cause things like this to happen.
    On the UK forums it is a known occurrence for the eas to play up more often during cold weather, although where you are is not going to get that cold!
    How long since you put an o ring kit in the valve block?
    It could also possibly be the valve block driver pack, they can play up with age and do funny things, although I'd be looking at the o rings before exploring the driver pack.
    It's not out of the realms of possibility for some type of radio wave interference to cause the ecu to behave differently to normal, but again, I'd be suspecting the o rings first.
    Are you able to park it in or near it's usual spot overnight to see if it happens again?
    One thing I have done on mine, is replace the EAS relay under the passenger seat with a yellow relay.
    This disables the auto leveling function while the vehicle is off and saves the compressor having to work so hard. Otherwise it operates normally.
    Just remember to keep the eas relay in the glove box, so if you need to do any diagnostics on the eas, you will need to plug that one back in.
    I would give that a go for a week or two as a first step, and see if it still does it.
    It's an easy first step to try, that's what I'd do first if it was me!
    Hope that helps, Cheers, Pete.

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