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Thread: P1319, P0130 - poor running Thor

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    P1319, P0130 - poor running Thor

    Hi guys,

    Over the past few weeks the P38 has developed a running problem, particularly on petrol. Idle is quite frequently terrible - either very rich or very lean, hard to tell which. I obtained an ELM reader but couldn't get it to connect, so borrowed a generic type reader which came up with six codes, including P1319 (missfire low fuel) and P0130 (left o2 sensor). I cleared them all and went for a drive. Those two reoccurred.

    I had previously replaced that o2 sensor (it has never been quite right on petrol), so as an experiment swapped them over left to right and cleared the codes. The codes remained the same and did not follow the sensor. Sensor plug looks ok and there is continuity at plug to ECU. It pulls hard when pushed, so I don't think it has a blocked cat, etc.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you

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    Idle problems can be caused by a dirty butterfly valve, give that hit with some carby/throttle body cleaner and a clean up with a clean rag, particularly the edges.
    How old are your leads and plugs?
    Could also be coil packs, sometimes they get corroded and need good clean out or replacing.

    Are you able to get another ECU and plug that in to rule that out?
    Sometimes you have to try a few things to at least rule them out.
    I once had a dodgy wire in the loom, which caused misfiring, particularly under load, was hard to find though.
    Try the easy stuff first.
    Good luck with it!

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    It took me 3 goes with a bluetooth connector to get one that actually worked,, ( though to be fair , its now at least 8 years old and never gets removed, never misses a beat.)

    what brand of O2 sensor did you buy?

    you sure it was 1319?? thats a weird number for a LR..

    These bluetooth adaptor are a cheap and usually foolproof way of keeping tabs on the important stuff on a V8,, O2, Fuel trims and temp,, the rest is nice to have but fluff..
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