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Thread: SELECTABLE Ipod/Aux input for stnd D2 head unit instructions (no hacking of cables)

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    Aux input for Eurovox radio /Cd player

    Hi there,

    Has anyone tried this mod with the Eurovox unit? Any advice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Rock Disco View Post
    Diesel, this post was the reason I joined AULRO. I searched the US Rover boards and could not find this information anywhere. I actually live less than 140 miles from the place in the US that does this and just could not justify the price he charges. I knew the method to add an AUX input had to be simple and I can't thank you enough!

    I was already thinking about a Bluetooth solution that required an AUX input and now that I have seen your solution, my mind has been racing on how to integrate a Belkin AirCast Auto HandsFree unit internally.

    Thanks again for your generosity
    I'm with you Little Rock, this is why I'm here. Thanks Diesel. Trying this before a big trip in a few weeks.

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    Would it not just be better to get a new head unit with all the mod cons already installed ?
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    small problem with 3.5 jack for AUX

    - I bought an extension 3.5 jack cable.
    - Cut it in half (so I now have a male and female socket).
    - Soldered is as instructed.
    - guided the 2 wires through the dash into the glove box.

    Well, . . it works, I have a real nice sound.
    I used an old iPhone to test it.

    Problem is with the steering wheel controls I canít skip numbers.
    If I want to skip the display of the radio shows following message; 'SEEK >>'.
    So it moves a few seconds forward in the song I think and is not skipping.

    I checked the wiring and it is correct.

    Is this due to the old iPhone or did I miss something?

    Hope somebody can help me out.

    Regards from the Netherlands ;-)

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    Would it not just be better to get a new head unit with all the mod cons already installed ?
    Ditto, I replaced my single disc Eurovox player and multi disc under seat DVD unit ( both US as the disc laser was gone in both) with a sub $200 Pioneer with all the mod cons.

    Those old units would now be at the end of their life. I can understand someone with a RRC that they feel is going to be worth something , but a D2?
    Regards PhilipA
    This thread has prompted me to give away my old Single Disc, DVD stacker,screen and headphones so look in Give Aways if you are interested.
    The screen has brackets and mouldings.
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