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Thread: V8 county ute

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    V8 county ute

    Thanks for the prompt Clive, I just remembered I still have the anti roll bar attached, that and the super stiff springs arenít going to do much flexing.
    I ran the same Bilstien shocks in my rangie and that would never seem to be stopped by lack of articulation.
    Sure I couldnít crawl through the super wombat holes that a forced articulation 3 link front could ,but those bits of track are so hard to come by it never worried me
    Maybe the longer wheelbase needs a bit more rear travel.
    Iíll start with ditching the arb, sort some springs retained as you say, some smooth bodied remote shocks maybeV8 county ute
    Wouldnít mind taking the lift out of it.
    Maybe even a bit lower
    Doesnít hold up this guy

    Itís really stable

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    Wiring today,
    Clean up, remove anything not needed anymore like the rear demister, wash wipe wires
    Install tdi/ td5 heater controls

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    Some domestic duties today, standing on the roof of the ute to trim the hedges works really well.
    Then working on a simpler heater than the county issue.
    Blank off the return duct
    Install new nutsert
    Make nutsert tool out of a blade from an old shovel

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    Clean up heater, paint some brackets, leak test

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    I need to rejigger the air intake to clear the heater box
    Just swapped hoses

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    V8 county ute

    The heater matrix pipes are fouling the ecu loom.
    I may have to swap it to the other side
    Although the locker pipes are running through the drivers side
    Reinvent the fn wheel again

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    Ecu loom swapped over to the drivers side firewall penetration, needed a bit of rejigger of locker vac lines.
    Done for the day
    R.I.P. Malcolm Young.

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