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Thread: Feedback wanted - 10k Touring machines

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wicks89 View Post
    Hey mate really interesting idea, and I think appealing for people with money but no time or space.

    I think what you could aim for is a poor man's version of the Les Richmond 'Storm Series'. Where say you get a D1 at base price of 6k with a roadworthy etc.

    Then offer packages at point of sale or inquiry: tourer 10k (ATs, lift, UHF) or crawler 10k (muddies, winch) or maybe a 15k option as well (tyres, lockers, axles, winch).

    So the customer gets a car with a legit warranty, quality mods (no wacky lifts or Chinese muddies, I'm talking Oztec shocks, Hankook or toyo muddies or something) and ready to go.

    This kind of setup simulates like a new car at a dealer, you could pick the bullbar etc, except a customer can get a legit 4x4 like a disco 1 or maybe they even bring their current rig to you and you sort it out and put the package on.

    The 4x4 industry is booming, so wise to get on board I think. There are a lot of companies that sell cheap accessories, but I don't think many that fit them, and most are bolt on crap like RTT. So if you offer a service where you couple quality, cheap old 4x4s and QUALITY UPGRADES, with a proper warranty I think it will work out.
    I like the above approach. You may end up selling only a few "packages", but sell more vehicles without it. That way you have not already spent the man hours and money on setting them up prior to a potential purchase. As said in previous - some people want to do the customisation themselves. It would be wise to have at least one on the lot already setup that you could have potential customers look at. For example it could be a Disco, but a customer could be looking a basic patrol and as your conversations with the customer as to what they are going to use the vehicle for you could suggest potential upgrades for said purchase and say there is an example over there - not the same brand as you are looking for but we could a similar for you.

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    I reckon there might also be a market for the more 'classic' end of things. In the same way that bell tents are becoming popular again; it's retro and appeals to experience seekers. These might be more in demand as weekend hire vehicles (with full camping equipment included) than to buy though.

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    cripesamighty echoed what I had been thinking.

    Young British backpacker couple in a v8 Disco 1 broke down with overheating issues on the highway on outskirts of Darwin on a day trip to a local park - and were soon to be heading out on the big oz loop. Fortunately for them they broke down near where I live, and again fortunate I'd just wrecked a v8, so had a replacement water pump on hand for them to fit with my assistance. Their confidence in the vehicle was very shaken. And with the number of leaks I could see and price they paid (high), they had been sold a pup.

    I also helped one of our forum members with a D2 v8 who I also think got ripped. Prior to purchase the vehicle had been inspected by a national franchise company that offered inspection services, (done a little bit of work?) and given the 'OK'. While touring, apart from the failing gearbox, the oil lines were found to be old and brittle (they split in Darwin), manifold bolts were missing, the exhaust pipe on drivers side had a motor bike muffler poorly welded in, etc.

    If I were going to market 2nd hand $10k cars then I would concentrate on reliability first and foremost and have an education plan about the type of vehicle and work done to ensure reliability - compare and contrast with your other makes and models. If accessorising before a potential buyer even looks at it then do for the customer, if margins allow it, the irritating things that require cutting, grinding, heavy lifting, being tech savvy ie fit a snorkel, a winch capable bullbar with rated winchpoints (no winch fitted though), electrical outlets for spot lights, fridge and CB radio - this makes the vehicle attractive to those wanting to do their own customisation but without the hassles; and attractive to those wanting just basic capable and ready if they hit a roo or want someone to tow them out. Then market to them spotlights, fridges etc or let them get their own bolt on and plug in stuff.

    For backpackers, for Land Rover, for some comfort and speed, I'd concentrate on the Disco 1 Tdi300 auto with little towing history. When properly serviced it is reliable. Lots of accessories exist for the vehicle. New parts are cheap and generally available in Oz through independent and authorised dealers. Achilles heel - ensure your buyers know to lock the centre diff on lose surfaces, and how to fill the radiator to avoid air locks.

    Do some research on the fly in fly out habits of backpackers. If many short term backpackers come in via Brisbane and fly home via Brisbane then maybe you could offer an agreed buy back deal much in your favour (maybe transferable to other backpackers) if vehicle returned in good nick - saves them the hassle of wasting days trying to sell it themselves. Internet advertising, build up a good rep amongst incoming backpackers. However, many intent on years of travel leave via Darwin for asia - meaning I and wicks89 would get a good supply of your top class Discos at cheap prices to keep us happily motoring on...

    Get in touch with government agencies that run large programs requiring lots of vehicles - it's cyclic, such as census and health surveys for example. Generally they lease, but occasionally run out of access to vehicles and turn to rentals only to find the ma and pa franchisers won't let their vehicles out to agencies that are going remote (where, in addition, petrol vehicles are sometimes banned or frowned upon). Often the only option then is mine spec vehicles at huge rental rates.

    And if you sell them a LRover, throw in a years subscription to this site ($11).

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