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Thread: TDI VNT Turbo Upgrade +++

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    You could install a VNT in a day, but not on my watch!

    Beer oclock right now, and progess to report...

    I will have me a vent on each side wing to improve airflow through the engine bay, and keep temps down when the landy is boosting through the sound barrier.

    A factory'ish look is the go so I am using a TD5/Puma outer wing skin on the drivers side and a 200tdi skin on the passenger's.

    The skins are plastic from BRITPART.... excuse the profanity. But considering the aluminium skins all eventually bubble up with corrosion I figured Id give them a go.

    The skins are a good mould but the holes for the top skin and headlight surround were off , I needed to elongate all of them to get it to sit pretty. The rear slots to bulkhead and the holes for the wheel arches look to be in line. To be fair my wings have had a few knocks, but still, a typical ****part effort.

    Off to paint tomorrow.

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