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Thread: TDI VNT Turbo Upgrade +++

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    2220kg at the weigh bridge
    Ambient temp 22c
    All recorded speeds true GPS

    Out of the weigh bridge the slip road leads straight onto the hill. This hill used to trouble 5th and I would often have to drop a gear to hold 110kph. 110kph in 4th uphill would get EGT up to 600 - 650c. I made the test harder this time by taking it on from a dead stop at the base of the hill. She accelerated up through the gears to 110kph in 4th, then shifted to 5th and didnt just hold, she continued to accelerate! I ended up cresting the hill a little faster than I expected. TDI VNT Turbo Upgrade +++

    Max EGT 540c , Max Boost 19psi

    Not once when cruising up and down the Hume today did I need to drop 5th. I would 'guess' that it can now accelerate in 5th from 100 to 130 up a slight incline. Where as before 5th needed the road to be dead flat and not too windy to get going.

    On the way back there is a steep and long 110kph climb with a truck cool off stop at the top. It crippled my D1 300tdi one time. I thought this hill would surely knock me out of 5th. On the steepest section she started to drop off 110kph, I prepared to shift down but at 106kph she bounced back and accelerated up the rest of the hill. Yes!

    Max EGT 575c, Max Boost 20PSI

    No smoke!

    So it seems she can take a bit more fuel and push on even harder. But I think I will leave it as is! Very happy with it.

    Take off speed through 1st and 2nd is still slugish. The gears are too tall. I tried adding more fuel pre-boost but the only noticable difference is black/grey smoke. So undid that. The 0 - 100kph would certainly not be impressive. It only really kicks off from around 40kph once its rolled over those 33s.

    Engine temp was steady 89 - 92 on the highway and the thermo fans didnt need to kick in. Not a hot day but already convinced the two side vents are helping to keep her cool.

    Took her off road for some low range work. She feels harder to stall. Thermo fans were kicking in a bit more often, perhaps due to all that extra low range boost.

    Exhaust noise is not noticable in the cab at highway speeds.

    Few things not done up tight:
    - loose header tank support bolt
    - loose alternator terminal
    - oil filter drip

    TDI VNT Turbo Upgrade +++

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    Very nice!


    2010 Defender 130 - Nearly ready to do "the lap"

    Gone: 300tdi D1 The Lemon

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    Well thats this project done, near enough.

    I did plan to upgrade the brake discs to vented, bigger calipers and brake booster but the story so far has taken a while longer than expected - I just want to drive it now 🤩

    I figure the extra power will put some extra stress on the big end bearings, so whilst the dump pipe is off for ceramic coat I will drop the sump and renew them.

    Thats pretty much it for this thread.

    Cheers TDI VNT Turbo Upgrade +++

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    Good thinking re the big ends, my last set in the Tdi only lasted about 80,000km

    Cylinder pressures were a little too high methinks....

    I never ran flex in my exhaust but from what Inc has said, it reduces a lot of harshness so it'd be a good thing to do.

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