I'm looking for somebody who knows the 200tdi discovery motor inside out and would be willing to help put mine back together. Obviously willing to donate $$ and beer

To put you in the picture, my friend (a diesel specialist) was helping me with the conversion, we had it running etc, and then decided to remove it and fit new timing belt, water pump, rear main seal, paint the motor etc etc. and make general improvements to it.

Unfortunately as everything was ready to reassemble, my friend Rob had a heart attack and died, leaving a wife and four kids To cut a long story short, his family stayed with us for eight months until they could sort their lives out, but the dormobile has sat untouched since, although now I've started doing a few bits to it and need to get it done. I don't feel confident enough to do the work myself hence the ''help'' !! All the parts needed are still on the table covered up. It's mainly fitting the fuel pump, timing belt, pulleys etc. fitting the sump and all the ancillaries. Thanks in advance.