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Thread: Defender 110 Rear Storage

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    Nice job. I like to copy your idea!

    Where did you get the draw runners and what do I ask for when I get there? (also how much money should I take to pay for them )

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    G'day County3.9,

    I can't remember exactly where I bought them from or for how much - nor can I find the receipt right now.

    However they are something like 1000mm long and can handle 120kg's. You can get shorter ones that can handle 160kg's as well.

    Have a look here and here or do a google search (australia only) on "heavy duty drawer runners"

    Cost was something like $150 the pair.

    EDIT: More elraco stuff here and here
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    Resurrecting this thread

    How did you secure the metal frame to the tub?

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