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Thread: Stirlsilver's Disco Ute Project

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    I figured something would give you some trouble, since that's the nature of these things, but WOW you've really landed in it. What is it with LPG installers? Is the industry made up of the people who couldn't figure out how to install garden reticulation??? And as for Land Rover specialists . . .

    So, I take it you're just going to keep plodding along and get it all sorted out? At least you're not working to some strict deadline.
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    Feel for you but when you custom build a hybrid I guess you expect issues -but frustrating when outsource to 'professionals' and the work is below the standards you impose on yourself.

    If box out think about any mods or adjustments that should do at same time including seal. It is a big job that u dont want to redo for 200k kms at least!

    Advice based on 2x gearbox changes due to issues.


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    Jesus, I've just read through the entire thread and this has just blown my mind. I'm only new to this whole Land Rover world and this is just giving me so many ideas (that I will never have the patience to fulfil) can't wait to see this thing actually plated and legal.

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    Thanks for the feedback everyone! I find it interesting that the name of the LPG installer I mentioned has been removed, so I can't seem to warn others about the quality of their service?

    It's been a bit of a saga over the last couple of weeks trying to get the right flex plate assembly over in my hands. Not because of anything Triumph Rover Spares did, they actually shipped the part very quickly, the problem came from the fact that they shipped the part to my old workshop address. And then when I tried to re-direct the package with TNT, things went haywire. Anyway, long story short - I finally got the part and handed it over to BTA so they can put the car on a hoist they have and pull the gearbox out. I just hope nothing more goes wrong at this next stage. The work should be finished in this coming week and then it goes back on the Dyno.

    On another front, I have been chipping away at the bonnet scoop, applying liberal amounts of bog and sanding it back. It is actually really hard to get a decent smooth surface over something that is so large and curved!! Anyway, I thought I was close so we moved on and put another layer of glass. Thing is, the next layer of glass was a bit stiff (I think it had a binder that dissolves with polyester and I was using epoxy), so it ended up introducing more deformations to the surface!! So more sanding to do!!

    I'll get there eventually...

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    I wonder if you might tell those people that ask you directly, off the forum?

    Your experience is why someone mentioned using fairing balloons, like in boat building. It is much easier to work with than bog. Pretty annoying about the top surface though. You might like to try using a "sanding longboard". Makes it easier to get curves without ending up with small local depressions through over work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stirlsilver View Post
    I find it interesting that the name of the LPG installer I mentioned has been removed, so I can't seem to warn others about the quality of their service?
    While I understand your frustration with this, name and shames are strictly forbidden here as per the forum rules - number 4 - please see below link.

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