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Thread: quick question - views and opinions wanted

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulP38a View Post
    Markus - If you are letting your missus have a say in the choice of vehicle and comfort is a factor, don't let her drive a P38A unless you are prepared to buy it for her.
    Not necessarily. Mine hates driving my P38A. She liked the D1 and D2 but not the RR. She calls it a truck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by p38arover View Post
    Not necessarily. Mine hates driving my P38A. She liked the D1 and D2 but not the RR. She calls it a truck.
    Fair enuff Ron... mine wife doesn't like driving my P38A in case she scratches it and makes me cry... dunno why, I have no problem with getting scratches on it. But she drives Freelander... and it does have a scratch on it.
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    My misses loves the P38, and doesn't like the softdash classic

    She dented the P38 on the weekend...

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    range rover choise

    dont discount the range rover of any age, all who have been in my eas fitted soft dash get out wishing for the suspension on their trucks. the wife has been forced to use it as her everyday car for a while now and still hasn't complained. reliability will come with good attention to service and maintenance, and failures can be logically sorted with a bit of calm thinking and discussion from the like minded on this forum. of the 7 varied 4wds ive had the rangie is the first one id replace with the same if damaged beyond repair. if only I could get it to sip instead of guzzel it would be perfect, but even that wont turn me off it, just giving me cause for thinking long range tank or 3.0 v6 diesel from d4

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