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Thread: Roller fairlead with synthetic rope

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    Thanks for the lead to Nugget.
    I suspected the eBay cheapies would be consumable, but even my original Runvar has aged rather than worn, and it was machine from a billet, chromed and laquered.
    The rollers are availble in poly, but don't come with the mounting bracket and pins and are $80 or so.
    It is not an urgent matter, but using it on Sunday, I noticed it when cleaning up and washing and re spooling the rope.

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    I wouldn't use a roller fairlead, for straight on pulls they will be ok but if its angled the rope can get caught between the vertical and horizontal rollers and get shredded by the bracket.
    I did notice Andrew from LRA's LS powered D2 has a roller with synthetic rope while we were getting pizza the other night.
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