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Thread: Basic kit for self sand recovery

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    Thumb to deactivate ESC.
    Regards Philip A

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    Dito with "Thumb to deactivate ESC." and "proper gauge to know how low your tire pressures are. In WA over xmas and had a ball not getting to stuck with both of those suggestions. I did and sand tracks easily solved the "I did get stuck"

    PsssT! make sure your tires are suitable to go low! My replacement D3 came with crud road rubber which I quickly killed happily.

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    The "Not too much Right Boot in High Range" is worth remembering. I nearly came to a stop last month going up Big Sandy in Byfield NP.
    I had to back off a bit, when the bloke in front nearly got stuck, right at the top. After he cleared the crest I gave it a bit and the revs promptly died in the arse. Not a good feeling.
    As this was the first time I'd had the D3 on powdery sand, I was a bit disappointed but, after reading the comments about using low range, I'm more confident. DSC was off, too. I did have 20 psi all round which should have been lower, as well.

    Also, if you get a decent tyre gauge, try and check it against a few others. On a recent trip to Fraser, a few of us were having a discussion about tyre pressure and how my gauge showed 18 PSI for the 'tilly and my brothers gauge showed 14 PSI. On comparing 8 gauges, the closest two were within 3 PSI with some being 8-10 psi different and I'm talking +/- here and with a couple, the discrepancy varied depending on what pressures were involved.
    They were tested using my compressor gauge as the Standard.

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