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Thread: winch loads

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    winch loads

    I was searching for a winch for my ARB BAR
    now they say 10000lb max
    fair enough
    most folk know zero abt loads and blocks, say if you attach a block to a tree and run your line to it and back, you'll double the load, so 6000lb becomes 12
    this is why sailers used double triple and quad sheeved blocks,i sailed oceans soiknow buy pulling one 100 lbs on a rope with 4 sheaves , i will pull abt 400lbs,You could say, in general, that the pulley load reduction is the reciprocal of the number of ropes supporting the load, but few practical pulley systems have more than four ropes. Consequently, the maximum pulley load reduction you can realize is one-quarter the actual weight of the load. In reality, the actual load reduction is slightly less than this because you have to take into account friction in the pulleys.
    I'd never use a single turning block to its max, cos you'd rip the bull bar out, Using 2 sheaves you will do ok, anchoring with a single rope and then rigging the 2 on, will limit the amount of rope
    sailing 8mm SPECTRA is unbelievably strong, loads achieved on large yachts are way above those used in the 4x4 recovery
    yes i pasted a bit of this, but it saved some time
    my old series 3 hsd a capstan across the chassis rails, bull bars are just made of light really, corten may be better tensile abt 4x mild

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    Ahh yes but,

    Are you compounding your sheaves, rigged for advantage and derating the winch for it's.layer level and the voltage.drop?

    Have you factored in the angle.betqeen the lines and blocks or if you've got to do a reduction because you're pulling up?

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