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    Exclamation nb: WHERE HAS MY THREAD GONE???

    If you can not find your post or thread please read the following list BEFORE contacting a moderator
    Quote Originally Posted by Reasons for missing post/thread

    1. Your post/thread was in breach of the AULRO Conditions of Access.
    2. Your post/thread was blatantly rude, offensive, insulting, racist or slanderous in the moderators opinion.
    3. Your post/thread was in breach of the AULRO Advertising Policy.
    4. Your post/thread was a personal attack on a user and you have probably also received an Infraction or Warning.
    5. Your post/thread was in the wrong forum and has probably been shifted to the correct area ... go check the AULRO Forums for the correct area.
    6. Your post/thread was a 'For Sale' or 'Wanted' advert and has been deleted ... Please repost in the Markets.
    7. Your post/thread was a 'What's it Worth' question

      • If you are asking because you're selling something than this is an advert (see Point 6.)
      • If you're asking because you are looking at buying something, then all is probably okay and not been deleted.

    8. Your post/thread was deemed inappropriate by a moderator and has been deleted ... if you do not agree; click in the top right of this post to alert the moderators.
    9. Your post/thread was 'duplicated' in multiple areas and has either been merged into the one thread in the correct forum OR had the duplicates deleted if no replies.
    10. Your post/thread did not abide by the Ron clause.

    This list can be updated at any time at the prerogative of the AULRO Administrators and Moderators.

    Thanking you in advance for your cooperation in helping AULRO run as smoothly as it does.

    AULRO Administrators and Moderators.

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