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Thread: Series 1 parts information

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    Series 1 parts information

    This thread is to list Land Rover series 1 parts from regular manufacturer catalogues (i.e. not Rover part numbers).
    Also check main list ( Series Generic parts information )

    The thread is locked to avoid filling it up with chat. If you have an item PM me and I'll list it in the thread.

    Accelerator spring 80"
    Redline 3" throttle spring - close copy of the real thing - (available from Autobarn,)

    early 80" Distributor cap and fan belt and amp-meter from a TEA20 Ferguson tractor. - (available from Bare-co agricultural parts)

    Contact set:
    Lucas LU 407050 contact set and the
    Lucas LU 407044.

    Fan Belts:
    BOSCH fan belts 15A0980 fits the series 1 motor

    Universal Joints
    Series 1 & Series II Front and Rear prop shafts = Hardy Spicer* K5-L4R
    *Hardy Spicer number also used by Toyo bearing Co.


    Shock Absorbers 80":
    Rear - Monroe 15-0060+
    Rear - Gabriel 81147 (available Super Cheap Auto)

    Axle Assemblies:

    Rear wheel bearing semi floating: SKF No 88128

    Swivel Joints - Universal joints Series 1 Hardy Spicer K5-GB35

    Front halfshaft bearing 80": KSM (Japan) Part No. RLS11 (OEM prob "FBC" Part No. LS12 1/2)


    Side lamps 1952 through 1957 models: Lucas L489
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