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Thread: Show us your S1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by akelly View Post

    ....Got the dreaded holden 149 conversion which I'll be getting rid of. Thinking about a S3 driveline maybe? Is this heresy.......


    My 80" has a Series 3 2.25 litre diesel & gearbox in it. Maybe not original, but still Land Rover powered.
    '51 Series 1 80"
    '09 Freelander 2 manual (daughter's)
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    Quote Originally Posted by JDNSW View Post
    I must have missed these questions - sorry!

    1. No. Even 80" door tops varied.

    2. With great difficulty! Sounds likely your seller got it from the family of the original owner, seeing it was rural, who was probably deceased, but after thirty years even this link is likely to be broken. Someone on here has some of the NSW records, and the British Motor Heritage centre in the UK has most dispatch records from this period - but all this is likely to do is to confirm whether it was sent to Australia.
    Point one, yes, I've got some 80in ones that are Just about right shape, but not quite,

    Point 2 if anyone has any nsw records it would be good to fill in a few gaps, thanks.

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    1954 Series 1

    Okay so I just drove 3,000km to pick up this pretty rough 1954 S1. She's all there minus an original engine, but nary a straight panel on the whole vehicle... Not to worry, the chassis and running gear all looks to be pretty good (minus butchered front crossmember) and the bulkhead seems pretty solid minus a small hole in one leg. She'll go into storage for a bit while I sort out somewhere to live and finish the SIIA.

    Amarok towed it like a dream, added about 5l/km to the average which was surprisingly low. Will add some more photos before it goes to the storage.

    Screen Shot 2021-02-27 at 7.35.33 am.jpg

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