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Thread: Tiny bit excited

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    As I have commented before - it was built as a workhorse, not a show pony!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shamirj View Post
    1 bought some new paint from bunnings 1L, $32 which i was happy to get more if 1L is not enough for the chassis but the bunnings man was telling me its no longer made silver enamel paint or very hard to find, (which i find hard to believe). I wanted an enamel silver paint that looked bright like freshly gal steel, thats the look im after. found the cold gal was a dull darker grey colour which i have sanded most of the chassis

    2 here is a small sample painted by brush on the rear member, and the paint is so heavily (watered down) light that it almost holds no paint at all, very disapointed and will return to get some proper paint.
    Wheel silver can look like gal. Different brands have different effects so you might need to try a few different ones to get the right effect.
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    chassis painted

    1 went to a local specialist auto car paint shop and secured this paint of silver 4L
    2-3 went about painting the chassis, paint was quite thin and runny so decided against using thinners, but had lots of problems with my compressor hose which started playing up, then there was no air to the spray gun, got it going again but didn't want to use another spray gun which i have plenty of but they have diff connectors to the hose. finally added thinner and sprayed a little better but think the gun must be clogged up inside. took ages and the paint was spitting out so before i go further for the upside of the chassis will give the hose and gun a thorough cleaning to ensure all is good before painting again.

    next will be to turn the chassis over and paint the top side, paint is not to bad, couple of runs which i will sand back and respray.
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