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Thread: 1950 Series 1 80 Military Lightweight

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Paul View Post
    Hi Guys,
    Thanks for all the collective input, very informative.
    What is the best site to check the serial numbers on the vehicle to search its history.

    Cheers Dave
    Not sure how much history you can find out.
    Calvin might help determine if it was supplied to Australia CKD (Completely Knocked Down) it then depends on which dealer assembled it.
    I believe someone has some of the NSW records but in most other States the records are lost or destroyed.

    Clifton Scientific Text Services, the Netherlands

    Is it the vehicle in the pictures ??

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    Putting that number (06109342) into Calvin it comes up as

    0 = 80"
    6 = Model year: 1950
    1 = Model: Land Rover, Series I, 80in, petrol
    0 = Body type: Basic
    Right-hand drive (RHD), home market
    9342 = Serial number

    So is a UK build standard 80 - so is now heavily modified in body and transmission.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 101RRS View Post
    The Navy used to carry 80s on some ships - there is a video of the old HMAS Tobruk with a 80 being worked on at sea during the Horean war.

    The Aust army did have three (I think) series 1s as trials vehicles before they went the Army series 2s. The three trials series 1s (not sure whether 80s, or 86s) each had a different engine, one with a LR engine, one with a Rolls Royce engine (Austin Champ engine???) and I think an early Holden but not sure of this. The RR engine was the pick but was too expensive. These were Aust Army owned vehicles.

    I had a ex mil series 1 (88) for a short period but I believe it was a left over vehicle from the Brit Atomic Bomb tests - as I believe many of the vehicles used to support the tests were left here.

    In my view the vehicle that was for sale recently is a 80 that has been heavily modified to look something like a later lightweight.

    The three 80" Navy Land Rovers I have in my records all have a chassis number starting with R0610 , one has a number 1341 before the other two which have numbers following one another & they were all owned by the same guy in NSW.

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