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Thread: Gearing Series 2A with 3.54:1 diffs story

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    Gearing Series 2A with 3.54:1 diffs story

    ...I once fitted a fairey to my series 2A, but such was the noise, that fairey came out the very same day.

    I then fitted 3.54 diffs from a range rover and initially was pleased with the change.. 100km per hour with engine not screaming however, take off in first was a bit more of a stretch than I liked, slipping the clutch slightly was needed...second and third were fine. I tried takeoff in first HR on reasonably steep slope and was dissappointed.

    Low ratio seemed fine...I did a trip around 4WD park near Beaudeseart and had no problems going every where around the trails that Disco's etc were going including some rather steep climbs...However, at the park there is a "test" place where you drive into a hole and try to climb out the other one else made it but although I came very close, I didn't make it I reckon because I ran out of gearing...overall low ratio 1st gear not low enough!!!

    After some research I found there was much more I could do to improve is what I did and this may be useful to other 3.54 diff ratio series owners.

    It turns out that between suffix B and C gearboxes and transfer cases... lots changed. C on gearboxes fortunately have lower first gear than B or A 3.6:1 vs 3:0 but C transfer case unfortunately has higher low ratio than B 2.35:1 vs 2.89:1

    So I used a B transfer and a C Gearbox and now am very very happy with the result for both on and off road driving. No problems taking off in first gear HR, great performance in first LR...very happy compromise.

    With 3.54 diffs, original suffix B TF&GB vs B TF&C GB
    Overall low ratio first gear was 30.69:1 is now 36.83:1
    Overall high ratio first gear was 12.21:1 is now 14.65:1

    Comparison with original 4.7 diffs
    B TF&GB Overall low ratio first gear 40.74:1 High ratio 16.21:1
    C TF&GB Overall low ratio first gear 39.76:1 High Ratio 19.45:1

    I am running 235-85-16 tyres on defender rims...adapted speedo gears out of a Triumph 2000 into the land rover speedo to give 1000 TPM which calibrated nicely for my setup.

    I think I attached a spreadsheet showing calculations on the ratios (adapted from someone elses work). Hope this might be useful to someone.

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