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Thread: Series II & IIa Paint Codes

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    Series II & IIa Paint Codes

    A thread to store the paint colour codes.

    If you have a code PM it to me and we'll update the thread.

    Engine Colour = Duck Egg Blue BS4800-16C33 (May relate to SIII engines only)
    ................... Light Admiralty Grey BS381c-697 (SII/SIIa engines according to James Taylor's reference book)

    Early models Series 2/2a = Deep Bronze Green BS-381C-224

    Later Models Series 2a = Middle Bronze Green BS-381C-223

    NATO Green BS-381c-285

    Olive Drab BS-381c-298


    The Grenville books mentioned recolour "smoke grey" for a RAN 88" SIIa assuming this was the same grey colour as the OEM 109" sold to the RAN in the same period.
    = Smoke Grey BS-381C-692

    Creams & Yellows


    E&OE - Please let me know if there is an error!

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