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Thread: Series 2A Radiator

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    Quote Originally Posted by mick88 View Post
    The trouble with a lot of the brass radiators we get now is they are made from recycled metals and have impurities in them which are more prone to corroding.
    Also the tanks seem to eventually develop leaks due to fine cracks on corners where they are stamped out.

    If you can source a reasonable old original and get a good repair job, I reckon it's the best way to go.
    They shouldn't run hot if the system is clean and everything is functioning properly, ie. water pump, correct thermostat, cowling, cap, etc..
    Maybe a good quality anti freeze, anti boil too coolant too.

    The local radiator repair guy told me an aluminium radiator is approx. 25% better at dispersing heat, so is this incorrect?

    Cheers, Mick.


    Simply put copper has a higher thermal conductivity, and therefore is superior to aluminium in processor cooling. Copper is better at conducting heat than aluminium, but aluminium is able to radiate the heat into the air (or water) better than copper because of its lower density. Copper 'hangs on' to the heat longer due to its higher density but can absord more heat due to the density as well, but is not as good at getting rid of it (heat rejection). Aluminium is cheaper to manufacture and easier to extrude making it cheaper for radiators/heat exchnagers etc. I would go with aluminium if you are buying a new rad...


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    Particularly for a Series Landrover, which is a working vehicle, expected to be used on rough roads and in rough conditions, thermal performance is not necessarily the only consideration.

    Also important is the physical strength of the core and its ability to withstand vibration, its ability to withstand cleaning grass seeds and other chaff from the fins, and its corrosion resistance. For all of these, copper would seem preferable to alumimium.

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    One reason for Holden conversions running hot is lack of sump capacity as the oil heats up and that in turn heats the water, when we were doing conversions in the 1960's overheating on long runs at highway speeds was a problem,my mate and I were standing road side with the bonnet up,letting the vehicle cool when a farmer stooped,"got a hot Holden in it?" Was his first words, come and look what I did to mine to keep it cool,he pointed under the vehicle and it had a very large sump,I joined the EH & HD together,and there it was this large sump,we turned around and boiled our way home and next week went sump hunting at the wreckers,once welded up with baffles in it,problem solved,it did many miles but he eventually killed it and bought a G60 Nissan Patrol,and It rode like a Dray!!!!! I kept my FC wagon.

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